bye bye mbstring , welecome default_charset

看來對於unicode ,PHP團隊是鐵了心了,未來mbstring可能bye了…

default_charset string
In PHP 5.6 onwards, “UTF-8” is the default value and its value is used as the default character encoding for htmlentities(), html_entity_decode() and htmlspecialchars() if the encoding parameter is omitted. The value of default_charset will also be used to set the default character set for iconv functions if the iconv.input_encoding, iconv.output_encoding and iconv.internal_encoding configuration options are unset, and for mbstring functions if the mbstring.http_input mbstring.http_output mbstring.internal_encoding configuration option is unset.

All versions of PHP will use this value as the charset within the default Content-Type header sent by PHP if the header isn’t overridden by a call to header().

Setting default_charset to an empty value is not recommended.